Monday, September 23, 2013

The Consequences of Making Morality a “Crime against Humanity”

Media outlets widely reported on a man who became the focus of state and national condemnation, a , calls from the NAACP for the Secret Service and FBI to investigate him, and ultimately a public destruction of his reputation. And what horrible crime did he commit to warrant this punishment? He wore a mask of President Obama while performing as a rodeo clown.
Photograph © Paul Hair, 2011
lifetime ban from the Missouri State Fair

Some people have defended the man and said that the reaction against him was an overreaction. It’s good to see people defend normal free speech but the use of the word “overreaction” in defending the man is an odd choice. Would any sort of negative reaction against him have been warranted? Did he do something that had never been done before and which hasn’t been publicly acceptable for anyone to do with any other president in history? Of course not. Yet the damage has been done. I wonder if any other rodeo clown will ever think of doing such a thing again.

And even as some people disapprove of how the rodeo clown has been treated, there is no national movement to condemn his condemnation, or intense outrage that will form an ongoing effort to destroy attempts to destroy people’s livelihoods and reputations for engaging in free speech that has always previously been acceptable. There is no large-scale genuine moral outrage at the large-scale phony moral outrage leveled at the rodeo clown.

In other words, America has been remade.

And the rodeo clown is not the only one who has experienced this fundamental change in America. Nor is the demonization of legitimate free speech the only fundamental change. Morality itself is being attacked and destroyed.