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U.S. Supreme Court on Marriage: I Warned of What Was Coming . . . and Is Yet to Come

Those of us who have been following culture for years are not surprised by the U.S. Supreme Court
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destroying marriage.

But some culture followers are surprised at the hostility rendered in the Supreme Court decision. As Justice Scalia wrote in his dissent:
It is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race.
But I was not surprised.

In fact, I warned at least as early as 2011 that the so-called social issues were the most important of issues.

Furthermore, I warned of the danger of Big Sodomy. I correctly identified sodomites as enemies years before the U.S. Supreme Court identified people like me as, “Hostes Humani Generis.” (In fact, I had called them, “Hostis Humani Generis,” but that was deemed “too extreme” at the time and thus was edited out of the final version.)

Some might say that I was no better in calling sodomites what they truly are. Yet there is nothing wrong with correctly identifying people as something they are, just as there is something wrong with incorrectly identifying people as something they are not. In short, it is right to condemn evil; it is wrong to condemn good.

It is similar to the whole debate raging over when it is right—moral—to kill versus when it isn’t.
I mentioned that I warned in 2011 that the so-called social issues were the most important of issues. Obviously the majority of people (on the right, at least) thought differently.

Yet now that the U.S. Supreme Court killed marriage, maybe people will change their mind.

Here is a portion of David Limbaugh’s Twitter feed from last week.

Excerpt of David Limbaugh’s Twitter Feed.
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Indeed he is right. No one is talking about the economic issues any longer. In fact, no one is talking about anything but the so-called social issues any longer.

Nothing demonstrates this truth more than America and the Department of Defense celebrating the destruction of marriage even as our government surrenders to its enemies.

“U.S. Afghan Envoy Expects Taliban to Continue Attacks Alongside Talks,” and yet no one cares. We are too busy celebrating the tearing down of our culture and worshiping the god of sodomy.

I believe that there is nothing new under the sun, yet I cannot think of a time when a physically dominant nation has surrendered to an opponent and the terms of the surrender are that the weaker opponent gets to continue attacking and murdering the troops of the dominant nation.

And the dominant nation—including, apparently, its own troops—accepts this as it celebrates its own destruction.

Someone once told me that the man he worked with who dressed as a woman did his job just as well as anyone else; that his choice to ignore reality had no effect on his job performance or those around him.

Yet denying reality does affect us all. A nation that accepts that a man is a woman, or that two men having sex with one another is a good thing, is no longer able to distinguish the truth; right from wrong; good from evil; victory from defeat.

Culture and morality are everything.

And the War on Good is only going to get worse.

In fact, it’s not just a War on Good. It’s a War on God.

This ruling that has abolished marriage, and abolished everything America was founded on, firmly establishes that America is now a theocracy of evil. The atheists, humanists, and secularists have taken over and established their religion—their religious belief that they are the source of determining all that is good and evil—as the official religion of America. And they will not rest until everyone worships at their altar.

Finally, people have regularly objected to and mocked Christians for pointing to Michael Swift’s, “Gay Revolutionary” as a revelation of the sodomite agenda. Perhaps they should no longer do so in light of the Supreme Court destroying marriage—especially since the essay isn’t satire but instead an extreme fantasy.

The second line of this fantasy is, “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies.”

Read the whole thing and decide if Fordham University is right to defend it and Swift against, “. . . the radical right’s great lie about gay people.”

(Also note that I linked to the essay at the website of a school founded as a theological or Christian school. Whenever one wants to find out pro-sodomy, pro-porn, or any pro-evil information, the best places to look are at American schools with Christian roots. Leftists have long ago done to them what they now have done to America: infiltrated them, taken them over, and turned them into factories of evil.)

And perhaps people will now begin to understand why I wrote, “I’m assuming that I’m now free to discuss topics such as . . .” in, “Rick Santorum Was Right.”

And perhaps people will now realize that much worse is yet to come.

Note: I wrote a four-part series at Champion News on the subverted mindset of conservatives and/or Christians. I’ve already linked to Part I above; Parts II, III, and IV are also online.

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