Saturday, March 30, 2013

Department of Defense Wonders Why It Has a Professionalism Problem

There are various stories in the press and coming out of official military institutions that talk about military professionalism or state that the military has a professionalism problem.

Yet before the DOD repealed morality from the armed forces and sodomized our troops, and even to this day, it bragged about how it ignored the law that banned sodomites from being in the armed forces and thus subverting our defense.

“Gay colonel recalls ‘don’t ask’ investigation” ran this month in The Army Times (a huge cheerleader for sodomizing the armed forces) and it tells of how even when the DOD found out that one of its senior leaders was a sodomite they ignored it. And now he draws a retirement pension.

And the DOD wonders why is has a professionalism problem.

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