Friday, February 8, 2013

How Conservatives Committed Suicide By Denigrating the “Social Issues”: Part I

Conservatives are desperately trying to defend the Second Amendment and other natural rights, saying that we aren’t responsible for the Newtown deaths.

At the same time the left makes abortion ever more sacrosanct and a so-called human right. And it proudly implements other tenets of its murder agenda as well (reducing the global population, enacting death panels, promoting infanticide, etc.).

In other words, conservatives have bought the premise that we need to defend ourselves from charges that we are murderers when we had nothing to do with Newtown, and even as it is we who defends life while the left has made murder a central part of who it is.

This inability to identify and promote the truth is characteristic of the subverted mindset of conservatives, and shows how the conservative decision to denigrate those who stand up for the so-called social issues has contributed to its very public suicide.

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