Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everything from the Left Is a Lie

The American Spectator published a post on how the Boy Scouts are considering surrendering to those who have hated it and tried to destroy it. As people commented on it, one person wrote the following:

RCV| 1.28.13 @ 4:42PM 
Scouting was started by Lord Baden-Powell .... who was gay.

This is a lie that the left often uses—call someone a sodomite who wasn’t, and then back up that assertion with comments about him having close relationships with men although there is no evidence that those relationships were sexual. (Just like leftists do with Lincoln.) And for some reason, the right accepts that it is okay for leftists to allege that someone engaged in evil without any evidence. (That is, the right accepts that it is okay for leftists to make these false allegations even if they disagree with them; the right doesn’t demand that leftists be expunged from “polite” society.)

At the same time, if I allege that Obama is a sodomite—and cite contemporary evidence which actually could be investigated for validity—I would be condemned as being “mean-spirited” and “damaging” to the right because of my “shrill and baseless accusations,” and the contemporary evidence wouldn’t only go un-investigated, it would be buried and anyone who seriously attempts to verify it would be mocked.

Everything about the left is a lie and yet the right refuses to acknowledge this and force the issue.

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