Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Susan G. Komen-ing the Boy Scouts

Donations to both the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Charity and Planned Parenthood reportedly increased in an approximately 72-hour period last year after Komen announced that it intended to reduce funding of Planned Parenthood. That announcement was quickly rescinded because the left quickly denounced Komen for considering reducing the amount of money it would give to Big Abortion (even as the planned decision had nothing to do with abortion).

And while many people have covered just how ugly this leftist attack was, no one noticed a critical part of this important leftist victory: they succeeded in getting conservatives to fund their cause.

While it is likely impossible to say for sure who was responsible for the reported increase in donations to Komen during the approximately 72 hours last year, it is reasonable to assume that conservatives would have been largely responsible for it.

And if that was indeed the case, the end result of the fiasco was that not only did the left haul Komen back to Big Abortion, but it gained access to all the money that conservatives had donated to Komen during that brief time.

In other words, by Komen momentarily appearing to have changed to a position that was seemingly suitable to conservatives, the left was able to get conservatives to fund one of its own groups.

The left will use this tactic (or a variation of it) successfully in the future. The Boy Scouts of America might be the next notable victim of a variation on this tactic.

For years the left has attacked the BSA because it hasn’t submitted to being sodomized. In response, conservatives have supported the Boy Scouts financially, politically, and through encouraging their children to be Boy Scouts.

Yet the future of the Boy Scouts appears to belong to the left. ABC News reported recently on the leftist goal of sodomizing the Boy Scouts:

Many voices, including individuals within the organization, have opposed the Boy Scouts policy. 
AT &T CEO Randall Stephenson, an executive board member of the Boy Scouts of America, has said he was committed to ending the ban. He takes over as president in 2014.

If the ABC report is accurate, then it appears that after all these years of peaceably and civilly supporting the Boy Scouts, the right will lose this organization to the left which has viciously and ruthlessly attacked it in a never-ending campaign. (UPS and various chapters of The United Way defunding the BSA are some of the latest offensives by the left.)

When the left wins, it will take control of and benefit from all the financial and other support that the right gave the Boy Scouts throughout the years.

The same thing essentially occurred with the Armed Forces. The left uncivilly attacked them, both legally and illegally, from the outside and the inside for decades, because they did not submit the Troops to sodomization. And all during that time conservatives peaceably and lawfully supported the Armed Forces. Conservatives were a part of the Armed Forces, fought wars for them, and died for them, even as the left’s subversion campaign included supporting our enemies and helping murder our Troops.

But in the end, the left won, benefiting from and assuming control of all the support conservatives generated for and gave to the Armed Forces.

So the tactic the left used against Komen isn’t going to disappear. We’ll continue seeing it or some variation of it for the foreseeable future. It has been spectacularly successful.

The bottom line is that incivility, demonization, law-breaking, and even violence works for the left while peace, civility, and abiding by the law fails for the right. Most people fear the left and want to be liked by leftists (with a few notable exceptions), and they will gladly sell-out those who peaceably support them in order to win the approval of those who hate them and viciously attack them.

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