Friday, January 11, 2013

Leftist Subversion Tactic

Mike Adams wrote a column last month called, “A Queer Need for Rejection.” In it he wrote:

But homosexual politics is not about logic. It is about end results. Activists need to be subjected to ‘discrimination’ in order to advance their cause. So they join conservative Christian groups they do not like, engage in advocacy they know offends and disrupts the group, get kicked out of the group, and then claim to have been discriminated against. Finally, they lobby for stronger anti-discrimination rules that put them on a par with blacks and women. . . .
. . . After they join the group they don’t want to be in – and deny the stated principles of the group they never agreed with – the unable-to-coexist homosexual activist goes to the administration with a complaint. When the Christian group is expelled from campus under the anti-discrimination clause people ask ‘Why did the Christian group have to expel the homosexual?’ Stated another way, the question becomes ‘Why can’t Christians coexist with homosexuals?’
In the end, the homosexual activist has made the group whose very existence he refuses to tolerate look intolerant. Another public relations victory!

He’s exactly correct. And it holds true for the rest of the left as well in their never-ending quest to destroy conservatives. published, “Patriotic Group Told to Stop Praying in Jesus’ Name,” this week:

“Who is it that is so incensed over the name of Jesus and any Christian symbol or reference – that they feel like they have to eliminate it from the Daughters of the American Revolution,” one member asked. 
They said Christianity had never been forced on any members but to remove it from the historic organization’s documents is a “deception and twisting of history.” 
“They are negating our history, changing our history,” one lady told Fox News. “This country was blessed by God Himself. Most of our Founding Fathers had Bibles in their hands and Jesus in their hearts and therefore America became what America is today. And through the last decade, it’s been a constant chiseling away of our Christian foundation – our Judeo-Christian foundation.”

Yet despite constant occurrences of this same subversion tactic, conservatives still don’t seem to get that debating, compromising, and “keeping an open mind” with the left results in nothing but disaster.

And because of this, leftists will continue using this subversion tactic and continue taking over and destroying the few remaining conservative organizations, resulting in conservatives continuing to disappear from existence.

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