Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cutting Law-abiding Servicemen While Reinstating Law-breaking Ones

The news that the Defense Department will reduce its combat readiness and uniformed services by tens of thousands over the next few years (the Army alone may cut its active duty force by 70,000 – 80,000 Soldiers) is old news.

And it’s old news that tens of thousands of Servicemen who have fought in the various wars of the U.S. over the past ten years will be separated (voluntarily and involuntarily) sooner than they had planned. The Defense Department is unapologetic about this. The Army Times reported that the Sergeant Major of the Army (the top enlisted Soldier in the nation) had essentially said that he only wants to keep the best Soldiers.

I found the decision to cut the Armed Forces cynical in light of what the anti-morality forces told us before they repealed morality (read: DADT) from the Armed Forces. They told us that we had to stop removing sodomites from the Armed Forces because we desperately needed their skills during two (actually more) wars. Looks like we were chumps.

But I find the decision to cut the Armed Services even more cynical now that I witness leftist activists working with the Department of Defense to give sodomites preferential treatment—including those who broke the law when same-sex relations were illegal.

First, leftists made sure the Department of Defense began reinstating previously discharged sodomites into the Armed Services.

In other words, the same people who had been chaining themselves to fences and otherwise disgracing the Armed Services through their very political and illegal act of announcing that they were sodomites are now being reinstated into the Armed Services, effectively being rewarded for their illegal and political actions. And all this is being done, of course, during a time when law-abiding Servicemen are being cut.

Now leftists are giving more rewards to sodomites who were previously discharged for their immorality and law-breaking. Sodomites are being given severance pay they “earned” for being discharged from the Armed Forces for breaking the law.

And they are also being rewarded by the government forcing spouses clubs to accept the pseudo-spouses of sodomites.

I don’t hold my breath waiting for anyone to correct the social injustice of reinstating law-breaking servicemembers even as law-abiding Servicemen are being cut. And I don’t hold my breath waiting for anyone to correct the other social injustices sodomites and leftists are inflicting upon the Armed forces.

After all, when you work within the system, do your job and do as you’re told, and don’t manipulate the political process, you don’t warrant justice. At best, you deserve ridicule. At worst you deserve a character assassination and possibly legal retribution.

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