Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Syria: More Evidence of Terrorist Involvement with Rebels

Open source reporting has shown that Islamists comprise a part of the so-called rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government. However, new evidence raises the likelihood that many of these Islamists have also fought and killed U.S. Troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the world. And while this should cause politicians and pundits to pause in considering continued and increased support of the rebels, it likely will not.

The Daily Mail (UK) published an article on October 23 about the Syrian rebels. The article is sympathetic to the rebels and gushed over their creation and use of improvised weapon systems.

The Daily Mail article includes photographs of these improvised weapon systems, including improvised rocket launchers.

The photographs show that the Syrian improvised rocket launchers bear a striking resemblance to the types of improvised rocket launchers that Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the world use to murder U.S. Troops.

This information is not a smoking gun (since improvised devices are not confined to Islamist terrorists) but it is another piece of evidence that makes it harder to deny that the Islamist rebels include at least some Islamist terrorists who have fought and slaughtered U.S. Troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

Politicians and pundits probably won’t notice this and if they do they probably won’t acknowledge its significance.

But even if they do recognize its significance it will not make a difference. Politicians and pundits have not allowed any of the mounting evidence that Islamist terrorists are growing in numbers and influence in the ranks of the Syrian rebels to dissuade them from continuing to call for increased support of them. This applies to politicians and pundits on the left and on the right.

In fact, some pundits even claim that refusing to provide additional support for the Syrian rebels will lead to Islamist terrorists gaining more power and influence within the Syrian rebellion.

However, this argument doesn’t make sense. The U.S. spent billions of dollars, thousands of lives, and countless measures of blood in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Muslim areas around the world but it hasn’t gained any lasting benefit from this effort.

Iraq is well on its well to becoming an enemy again and Hamid Karzai and Afghanistan are already arguably enemies of the U.S. even as U.S. Troops continue fighting and dying for them.

The U.S. doesn’t fare better in other nations of the world either. America is now pouring money and aid into Yemen but recent reporting indicates that the Yemeni people support Islamist terrorists who hate the United States.

Furthermore, the argument that the U.S. will alienate the Syrian rebels and give Islamist power and influence within their ranks if it fails to provide additional support to the rebels (the U.S. already aids them) is undermined by the fact that there are already signs that Islamists are using our current involvement in Syria to garner support for them and turn Muslim people against the U.S.

U.S. policy should not be decided by Islamist propaganda (Islamists will manipulate any U.S. policy for their advantage) but rather it should be decided based on whatever is in the best interests of the United States.

But officials and pundits will continue disregarding this information as well.

Both the left and right are set on assisting the rebels and ousting Bashar al-Assad, regardless of whether it means putting another Islamist government into place.

Proponents for ousting Assad claim that the U.S. has an obligation to end the so-called human rights crisis. These proponents do not offer a solid solution on how to rid the rebels of the Islamist terrorists nor do they have a workable plan to prevent Islamist terrorists from taking over Syria once Assad is gone.

Perhaps this is of no concern to them. Media outlets report that the U.S. is recruiting Islamist terrorists to be part of the Syrian rebels so they must be aware of the problem; just not that concerned with it.
Ultimately, The Daily Mail revelation that the Syrian rebels are using improvised rocket launchers similar to the ones Islamist terrorists use against American Troops in other parts of the world is yet another piece of evidence that Islamist terrorists make up a significant portion of the Syrian rebels. Yet American politicians and pundits will disregard this evidence and insist that the U.S. increase its support for the Syrian rebels, saying that failing to do so will allow Assad to remain in power and give Islamists power and influence in the Syrian rebellion. However, the end result of American support for the Syrian rebels will be to bring another Islamist government to power.

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