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The Defeat of Conservatism and the End of Foundational America

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July 04, 2012

The Supreme Court’s unconstitutional ruling that Obamacare is legal (Paul 2012) is the final battle the left needed to win to complete its revolution and defeat of conservatives. Foundational American effectively is finished.

The Supreme Court ruling is utterly fraudulent. The Democrats argued in public that Obamacare wasn’t a tax. (Stephanopoulos 2009) Yet the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is “constitutional” because it is a tax. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is both a tax and not a tax. (York 2012) This is on its face nonsense and obviously fraudulent. Nevertheless, conservatives will abide by this nonsensical, illegal, unjust, and outright immoral ruling.

Some conservative pundits have suggested that the ruling by Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court is a win for conservatives. (Rahe 2012) They at times mention that it strengthens the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and federalism in general. This is more nonsense. Leftists prove time and time again that they aren’t bound by the law or constitutionality, and they will simply ignore any precedence the Obamacare ruling has on the Commerce Clause [if there is any—see what Mark Levin has to say on this (Lopez 2012)] even as conservatives will follow the law the Obamacare ruling sets and any other illegal laws the left sets.

In fact, conservatives will take no legal action to overturn this illegality. And that is a major difference between leftists and conservatives: while the left will do everything—legally and illegally—to get what it wants, conservatives don’t even have enough fight in them to do legal things to accomplish what is right. Nor will conservatives break illegal laws the left creates and they even will insist that other conservatives follow illegal laws. Thus, while conservatives will not bring any consequences against the left for breaking any legal laws and rules, they at the same time will allow the left to create illegal laws and rules, and then join with them in ensuring that everyone follows those illegal laws and rules. 1 This obviously is a recipe for defeat and slavery.

Victor Davis Hanson appears to observe this insanity as well at “The Corner” on National Review Online when he writes:

We now live in a country where a state that tries to follow and enforce federal law is seen as a usurping power, while those government entities, such as the sanctuary cities, which deliberately seek to undermine federal immigration law are, for all practical purposes, exempt. Add that Arizona is now supposedly acting unconstitutionally in trying to close its borders, and the president is apparently acting constitutionally as he sidesteps Congress and implements de facto amnesty by fiat, doing far more damage to the notion of federal law than any conceivable action by Arizona. That is surreal. (Hanson 2012)

Some conservatives also have argued that since the Supreme Court deemed Obamacare a tax that Obamacare becomes illegal since the bill originated in the Senate. Other conservatives have argued that the bill didn’t actually originate in the Senate; it originated in the House with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid then gutting that bill and putting Obamacare in its place. But it’s really irrelevant which way one looks at it. The Supreme Court declared an unconstitutional law constitutional. Conservatives will simply go along with this illegal ruling. This is a strategy of surrender. Another case study of this strategy of surrender exists in what is happening with the sodomization of the Armed Forces.

Sodomites continue insisting that they are the victims in society and the Armed Forces despite their continued victories, such as the repeal of morality from the Armed Forces (normally wrongly described as the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”). Thus, while the supposedly conservative political party (the Republicans) has already surrendered on overturning the repeal of morality from the Armed Forces, the leftist political party (the Democrats) is only getting started with its destruction agenda. The Army Times reported the following about House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Buck McKeon, when a reporter asked him if he would reinstate morality:

“That is not something I personally would bring up but that doesn’t mean others won’t,” McKeon said at a breakfast meeting with the Defense Writers Group. (Maze 2012)

So even if the Republicans get the chance to do the right thing, the leader of the House Armed Service Committee (the committee that could reinstate morality to the Armed Forces) has already indicated that he has tucked his tail and submitted to the demands of the leftists. The Republicans aren’t going to revisit something that has been “settled.”

Compare this to sodomites and their leftist allies who are already pushing for more immorality. The Washington Times reported the following:

The Pentagon on Tuesday saluted open gays in the ranks, with a civilian lawyer calling on fellow homosexuals to “stretch a little” and become more visible inside the military in the drive for benefits for same-sex couples.

“We need to be as visible as we can be,” Gordon Tanner, principal deputy general counsel of the Air Force, said at the Defense Department’s first gay pride event. “Let us be a bridge to our straight allies.” (Scarborough 2012)

And this demonstrates another important truth about conservatives: while the left will never admit defeat in a debate over an issue no matter how many times conservatives win (think of the constant upholding of marriage in states across the nation), conservatives will immediately concede defeat to the left on any issue once the left wins any battle on it. This is especially true when the Democrat-Media complex unites and puts its full focus on a particular issue. All it takes is a few charges of “racism,” “homophobia,” “sexism,” “xenophobia,” or some other made-up word repeatedly leveled at conservatives, and conservatives ultimately will back down and obey their leftist masters. Thus, the left already declares that the debate over socialism is now done and that they have won. (Reid 2012)

Yet understanding how badly conservatives have been defeated doesn’t end with the realization that they have embraced a strategy of surrender. Instead, exploring why they have adopted a strategy of surrender reveals a bigger problem: conservatives have been subverted and no longer are capable of thinking clearly or acting appropriately. And that is because conservatives now think their enemies’ thoughts for them. Mark Durie wrote the following at his personal blog when discussing Islam and our Armed Forces:

I doubt whether General Casey grasps the concept of fitna. He has perhaps never even read the verses in the Koran which speak of it, nor the episodes in Muhammad’s life which set it in context. Nevertheless, the general’s words seemed to unerringly advocate  a Koranic World View, when he effectively re-expressed ‘fitna is worse than slaughter’ as ‘what happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.’

This is an excellent illustration of World View Subversion. When your adversary has conditioned you to think his thoughts, and articulate his wishes, your battle is already half lost. It is deeply disturbing to hear, coming from the mouth of the head of the US Army, a Koranic principle of such compelling power and enduring spiritual significance, at the very time when US soldiers are shedding their blood in the Afghanistan and Iraq jihads. Do America’s generals really understand why its soldiers are giving their lives so far from home? (Durie 2010)

Mark Levin also touched on this concept in one of his recent radio shows.

The Daily Caller transcribed a brief portion of Levin’s June 28, 2012 radio show. The Daily Caller transcript reports that Levin said the following:

“You see folks,” Levin said, “conservatives are so used to losing — particularly conservatives inside the beltway that have been here for decades — then when we really, really lose, they claim that we’ve won. I don’t know if this is a psychological thing — I don’t know.” (Poor 2012)

Levin’s comments are entirely correct. The conservative establishment has been so subverted and now is so deranged that the left has trained it to think that when it loses it actually has won. Thus, the conservative establishment literally has no capability to win because it cannot even recognize what winning is. Hence, we have absolutely idiotic writings—even books—written by conservatives declaring that liberalism is dead (Lord 2012) when, in fact, leftism actually has won and dominates America. 2

Victor Davis Hanson also seems to have inklings of this truth. He writes the following at “The Corner” at National Review Online (in the same piece this report previously cited). His words seem to be aimed at those arguing that Chief Just Roberts “had to do” what he did in order to uphold the so-called integrity of the Supreme Court. [See, for example, what Charles Krauthammer writes on this. (Krauthammer 2012)] Hanson writes:

As for the culture of the Court, we must accept that when four liberal judges vote in typically liberal fashion they are open-minded, and when conservative judges do the same they are partisan and small-minded, putting enormous pressure, apparently, on the latter to now and then vote in liberal fashion, and none at all on the former to do anything but remain orthodox. There is no conservative majority, but rather a 4/3/2 court, with absolutely predictably liberal justices and those inclined often to join them becoming a reliable majority. (Hanson 2012)

In other words, those so-called conservatives who argue that the Supreme Court ruling is a “win” for conservatives are utterly blinded by a subverted mindset. They argue that if the Supreme Court ruled as it should have, the left would have been perceived it as judicial activism and thus undermined the integrity of the Supreme Court. This, of course, is not only an act of surrender to the left, but it also actually makes those conservatives who side with Chief Justice Roberts activists themselves. As Rush Limbaugh 3 noted on his radio program (per the transcription from his eponymous website):

What happened here basically is that Justice Roberts stretched the limits to avoid being accused of activism. He wanted to avoid being accused of activism. Activism, in this case, would have been finding the law as it is unconstitutional. So he succumbed to fear that doing that, upholding the Constitution, would have resulted in him being accused of activism. So what he did, he stretched the limits to avoid being accused of activism, and in the process, he became more activist than any justice in recent memory. (Limbaugh 2012)

Furthermore, it not only makes Chief Justice Roberts and these conservatives leftist activists, but it also undermines their arguments that this decision helps conservatives through eliminating any charges of the Supreme Court being biased. Siding with what is constitutional and right is not biased yet conservatives appear eager to agree with the left that it is and thus surrender the premise. What then, will stop the left from claiming conservative “activism” or “bias’ elsewhere to get what they want? Worse still, what will the claims of “victory” from those conservatives siding with Chief Justice Roberts do to embolden and energize the left? In other words, by claiming “victory” with this defeat of constitutionalism and thus conservatism, those conservatives siding with Chief Justice Roberts now have given ammunition to the left that this huge victory for them is actually a huge “defeat.” This will allow them to energize their base and demand even more blood from Americans, increase support for President Obama, and, worse still, accelerate the perhaps now unstoppable destruction of the nation. We already see evidence that this has happened. Again, Rush Limbaugh on his June 29, 2012 radio program notes (per the transcription from his eponymous website):

The four libs wanted this case on the mandate, not the tax increase. They wanted the Commerce Clause to be stretched to include unlimited government power. And they were ticked off at Roberts for limiting that. They say if you’re going to find this as a tax case, leave it at that. So when I found that out, that really aroused my curiosity, because they thought Roberts then started answering an unnecessary question. And that, according to Ginsburg and the left, makes Roberts an activist judge. (Limbaugh 2012)

So the left is just inches away from declaring this huge victory a “defeat” for them in order to mobilize even more irrational hatred and demands from its side. This spells further doom for conservatism and thus America.

The victory of leftists with Obamacare demonstrates that foundational America is done. It also demonstrates that the conservative establishment in America is done, with no ability to determine right from wrong and with no ability to think clearly. It has no more moral authority, or any kind of authority for that matter. The conservative establishment simply thinks its enemies’ thoughts. America now has reached a point where if leftists wanted to do so, they could murder conservatives and then claim that they are the victims—that conservatives assaulted them and that they are losing the war. In fact, perhaps leftists are already doing so: the Fast and Furious fiasco is just one demonstration of this.

No longer should conservatives think about how to stop the leftist revolution. They have won their war because the so-called conservatives leaders refused to fight back. The big government, anti-foundational-American communists are triumphant. Now conservatives need to find new leaders and start thinking of what to do next in order to start a counterrevolution.

1 See also how conservative leaders do nothing about the illegal amnesty the Obama regime passed by fiat. (Munro 2012) Worse still, see how conservative leaders then worry about “losing the Hispanic vote” because true conservatives want to enforce the law (Lewis 2012), and how Hispanic leaders think they are the victims even as they continue their illegal invasion and occupation of us! (Baker 2012) Or see how conservatives refuse to enforce the law (Winn 2011) by allowing same-sex “marriages” to occur on military installations. (Stars and Stripes 2012)

2 Undoubtedly, the conservative movement also contains a great deal of traitors and leftists operatives, merely pretending to be conservative even as they subvert and undermine the conservative movement from within. These traitors and operatives need to be purged from the conservative movement.

3 Some will claim that citing Limbaugh is poor scholarship, insisting that Limbaugh is biased. I reject this leftist premise. Limbaugh certainly is biased—but largely for what is right. Why should being biased for what is right disqualify someone as being legitimate? In fact, it should add legitimacy to that person.

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