Monday, July 2, 2012

The Defeat of Conservatism and the End of Foundational America

An Analysis and Commentary Paper from the Foreign and Domestic Intelligencer

July 04, 2012

The Supreme Court’s unconstitutional ruling that Obamacare is legal (Paul 2012) is the final battle the left needed to win to complete its revolution and defeat of conservatives. Foundational American effectively is finished.

The Supreme Court ruling is utterly fraudulent. The Democrats argued in public that Obamacare wasn’t a tax. (Stephanopoulos 2009) Yet the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is “constitutional” because it is a tax. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is both a tax and not a tax. (York 2012) This is on its face nonsense and obviously fraudulent. Nevertheless, conservatives will abide by this nonsensical, illegal, unjust, and outright immoral ruling.

Some conservative pundits have suggested that the ruling by Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court is a win for conservatives. (Rahe 2012) They at times mention that it strengthens the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and federalism in general. This is more nonsense. Leftists prove time and time again that they aren’t bound by the law or constitutionality, and they will simply ignore any precedence the Obamacare ruling has on the Commerce Clause [if there is any—see what Mark Levin has to say on this (Lopez 2012)] even as conservatives will follow the law the Obamacare ruling sets and any other illegal laws the left sets.

In fact, conservatives will take no legal action to overturn this illegality. And that is a major difference between leftists and conservatives: while the left will do everything—legally and illegally—to get what it wants, conservatives don’t even have enough fight in them to do legal things to accomplish what is right. Nor will conservatives break illegal laws the left creates and they even will insist that other conservatives follow illegal laws. Thus, while conservatives will not bring any consequences against the left for breaking any legal laws and rules, they at the same time will allow the left to create illegal laws and rules, and then join with them in ensuring that everyone follows those illegal laws and rules. 1 This obviously is a recipe for defeat and slavery.

Victor Davis Hanson appears to observe this insanity as well at “The Corner” on National Review Online when he writes:

We now live in a country where a state that tries to follow and enforce federal law is seen as a usurping power, while those government entities, such as the sanctuary cities, which deliberately seek to undermine federal immigration law are, for all practical purposes, exempt. Add that Arizona is now supposedly acting unconstitutionally in trying to close its borders, and the president is apparently acting constitutionally as he sidesteps Congress and implements de facto amnesty by fiat, doing far more damage to the notion of federal law than any conceivable action by Arizona. That is surreal. (Hanson 2012)

Some conservatives also have argued that since the Supreme Court deemed Obamacare a tax that Obamacare becomes illegal since the bill originated in the Senate. Other conservatives have argued that the bill didn’t actually originate in the Senate; it originated in the House with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid then gutting that bill and putting Obamacare in its place. But it’s really irrelevant which way one looks at it. The Supreme Court declared an unconstitutional law constitutional. Conservatives will simply go along with this illegal ruling. This is a strategy of surrender. Another case study of this strategy of surrender exists in what is happening with the sodomization of the Armed Forces.