Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Would Pro-lifers Be Happy If More Boys Were Aborted?

I’m seeing various articles and columns from conservatives (such as this) on the so-called atrocity of sex-selective abortion. I don’t get this line of thinking. I mean, sure I understand how this fact is useful in throwing in the faces of leftists, who have deemed themselves enlightened and for equality and women’s rights. But beyond that, I don’t see any value in working to enact legislation to ban sex-selective abortion. After all, how is bringing about equity in abortion any better than aborting a girl just because she is a girl? It’s murder either way.

Besides, if I was on the left, I would respond to this particular charge from conservatives simply by promising to abort more boys in the future. And if the left does choose to do this, what then will be the response from conservatives? After all, the left would have logically responded to the apparent grievance that too many girls are being murdered by promising to murder more boys.

Of course, beyond this, one has to ask: Why shouldn’t there be a bias towards aborting girls? After all, if we are looking for equity in murder, then the number of girls being murdered should be higher than the number of boys being murdered since in one hundred percent of the cases the person doing the murdering is a woman. In fact, until we get the percentages of abortions being 100% girls and 0% boys, there always will be a “sexist gender gap” in abortion.

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