Monday, June 25, 2012

Which Laws Am I Allowed to Ignore?

Those who despise American sovereignty demand that we find a so-called pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens who broke American law by illegally coming here, and disregarded the already in existence legal pathway to citizenship for anyone who cares to follow the law. And it is through this demand for further concessions that the advocates for illegal aliens reveal their utter contempt for me and other law-abiding citizens since first they demand that we not deport illegal aliens as we should, and then that they punish we law-abiding citizens further by granting the illegal aliens citizenship. In short, they hold the position that illegal aliens have a right to invade and occupy our nation.

This means that the United States of America has now reached a point where we call U.S. Servicemen “invaders and occupiers” when we send them to fight in a foreign land, and we sympathize with our enemies who are killing them since our enemies are said to be defending against the foreign invaders and occupiers. At the same time, we call law-abiding patriots who want illegal alien invaders and occupiers deported from our nation, “xenophobic jingoists.”

But what is even worse is that both the illegal aliens can go through so-called respectable institutions to boast of the invasion and occupation of America, and demand further attacks on the American people by way of demanding amnesty and citizenship. Beyond this, not only are the leftist allies of the illegal aliens fully on board with this, but the right-of-left citizenry (conservatives and libertarians) don’t do a thing about it. Why aren’t all the people pictured on this Time cover immediately arrested and deported? Why isn’t the entire staff of Time arrested and prosecuted? Why aren’t all the congressmen and other public officials who make public appearances with illegal aliens and advocate for them arrested and prosecuted?

Do we or do we not live in a nation of laws? And are conservatives simply going to sit back and do nothing as the left ignores the laws currently in place to complete its takeover of America so it then can fully impose its tyranny on us? And if conservatives don’t even have the courage to answer the previous two questions, and simply are content to let the left break the law at will, can they at least answer this question: Which laws am I allowed to ignore with impunity?

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