Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Happens If Romney Wins?

When the Democrats lost the congressional election in 2010 they wasted no time in taking advantage of their lame-duck congressional session to inflict harm on the nation (such as repealing morality from the Armed Forces). So let’s say that Mitt Romney prevails in the 2012 presidential election. What will the Democrats do?

Have any prominent Republican leaders taken this into consideration and if so, what are their plans for dealing with a lame-duck Democrat Party (not just Congress) following such a scenario? What have they considered the Democrats possibly doing during the time between November 2012 and late January 2013? Sure, the Democrats don’t control the entire Congress. But they control the executive branch. And one could possibly argue that that branch currently is more powerful than both the other branches.

I don’t suggest anyone taking a Romney victory for granted. And who knows, maybe the Democrats won’t even be all that disappointed if he does win. (He is, after all, Democratic candidate B for 2012.) Even still, I wonder if someone in the upper echelons of political power is considering the consequences if he emerges victorious. What courses of action do the Democrats have planned should they lose the election and what contingencies do the Republicans have planned for response?

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