Saturday, June 30, 2012

Patriotism Is Propaganda to the Left

The Evening Sun (Hanover, Pennsylvania) reported that a self-described liberal tried to get products bearing the Gadsden flag at a Gettysburg souvenir store banned because he deemed those products propaganda. The Evening Sun quoted the liberal as saying the following:
“It isn’t sold in a historically relevant context,” said Paul Gioni, a battlefield enthusiast from Mahwah, N.J., who contacted the National Park Service and The Evening Sun after visiting the park recently. “This is blatantly political merchandise.”
Yet The Evening Sun article reveals that Gioni’s charge is false on its face.
The nonprofit Gettysburg Foundation operates the bookstore and a spokeswoman said the Gadsden flag merchandise serves a goal of representing the broader context of American history. Furthermore, Cindy Small said, there remain connections between the Gadsden flag and fighting at Gettysburg.

“During the Civil War, the flag was used in some Southern states as a symbol of secession,” she said.

Federal regulations call for all merchandise sold at National Parks to be approved in writing by a park superintendent. At Gettysburg, the Gadsden flag merchandise has received approval from park officials, according to spokeswoman Katie Lawhon.
So it appears as if this will be one case where society won’t surrender to a leftist’s complaint. Yet Gioni’s complaint is a good demonstration of a larger truth of modern day America: patriotism is propaganda to the left.

Gioni’s complaint about the Gadsden flag at Gettysburg comes just days after The Daily Caller reported on leftists in New York heckling school children for singing, “God Bless the USA.” The Daily Caller reported that the children were singing “God Bless the USA” in public for the following reason:
The event was held outside Public School 90 in Coney Island, N.Y., where school principal Greta Hawkins decided to axe Lee Greenwood’s hit from a kindergarten “moving up” ceremony while keeping Justin Bieber’s chart-topping “Baby.”
Conservatives expressed outrage at this but I’m not sure why. The hatred that leftists have for foundational patriotism is nothing new. Furthermore, leftists don’t pay any significant price for their outright hatred of the nation as it was originally founded.

Stories of leftists hating foundational America are so common that they are not news any longer. And hatred of the American flag has become particularly ordinary. There have been reports of the Occupy Wall Street movement desecrating the flag, and reports of leftists finding the American flag offensive to them, or offensive to other nationalities . . . even when the American flag and the other nationalities are in the United States. The Los Angeles Times reported the following in 2010 (emphasis in the original):
Five kids attending Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., decided to wear patriotic clothing (T-shirts and bandannas with the American flag on them) on Cinco de Mayo. Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez told them that the clothing was inappropriate for the holiday and to ditch the bandannas and turn their shirts inside out or go home.
But it’s not just that American patriotism offends the left; the left actively promotes anti-American ideals and outright evil. Thus, the left isn’t even that worried about hiding its affiliation with communism any longer. Sure, leftists will deny this when a particular story makes things too hot for them. But otherwise, they are becoming increasingly emboldened about revealing their communist hearts. Thus, we see stories such as communists rallying in Madison with Democrats to oppose Scott Walker. And we see stories of Democratic officials marching in parades with communists. We see stories of crowds of people cheering and applauding communist speakers at leftist rallies. And we see the Democratic Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group of leftists with ties to the Communist Party USA, openly exist at the highest levels of government. And yet about half of America still supports the left-wing political party of this nation.

Furthermore, while Americans grow increasingly tolerant of communism—a system of beliefs that led to the slaughter of millions of people in the twentieth century alone, and that remains responsible for the suffering of millions more—Americans at the same time grow increasingly hostile to God and morality. This shift in the American attitude is both stunning and telling.

That American conservatives have allowed the left to turn genuine patriotism into something that half of all Americans now deem controversial and propaganda reveals how far conservatives have allowed the left to brainwash all of us into thinking their thoughts. And it shows that conservatives need to stop viewing leftists as honorable opponents and instead as the enemies that they truly are. Doing so will change the way we look at the world and how we analyze the actions of the left. The article about Paul Gioni and the Gadsden flag provides a perfect example of what I mean.

Was Gioni’s charge of the Gadsden flag products at Gettysburg borne of a sincere concern? Perhaps. But when viewing the left as an enemy instead of an honorable opponent, one can alternatively posit that perhaps Gioni’s opposition wasn’t raised out of sincere concern, but instead out of a knowledge that whenever one person makes a charge against a typically patriotic symbol as being “inappropriate,” society (having become brainwashed into accepting that charge as legitimate) will immediately censor that symbol. And with that knowledge, perhaps Gioni was just doing his part as a good leftist to destroy American heritage and culture through a slow and steady destruction strategy. And part of this incremental leftist destruction strategy is to make all Americans—not just leftists—believe that foundational patriotism is (negative) propaganda and therefore must be banned.

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