Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where’s the Outrage Over U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan?

Forget about the crisis of Afghanis slaughtering U.S. Troops for a moment. Forget about the overall problems with the stated U.S. strategy in Afghanistan for a moment. And forget about the fact that war always causes deaths and other casualties for a moment. Instead view the following paragraphs in light of the way the media behaved when George W. Bush was president. reports that, “Afghan Forces Have Killed 7 U.S. Troops This Year; 69% of Afghan War Casualties Have Come in Obama’s 3 Years.” Where is the legacy media outrage over this? And where is the mainstream Democrat outrage over this? Where is the daily hysteria? Where are all the condemnations of U.S. leaders? And where are the calls for prosecutions (and worse) of U.S. leaders? The silence and hypocrisy is astounding. I utterly resent the Democrat-Media complex because of their abandonment of their First Amendment duties, and their outright contempt and hatred for foundational America.

But while I have long resented and held in contempt the Democrat-Media complex, I am growing increasingly resentful of conservatives and other non-leftists who interact with the media for any other purpose than to expose them for the frauds they are, and to defeat them.

How much longer conservatives can continue viewing the Democrat-Media complex for anything other than the enemies they truly are?

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