Thursday, April 5, 2012

Muslims Playing the Victim as a Weapon

The York Daily Record (York, PA) recently ran a story called, “Workplace discrimination claims from Muslims spike in York County.” I read it and immediately thought of the news about Shaima Alawadi. I’ll explain why in just a bit. First, here’s a bit of information about Alawadi.

You might not have heard about Shaima Alawadi and maybe you never will. But if you do, it’s because the legacy media will use her to fan the flames of anti-American and anti-Christian hatred.

The Guardian (UK) published an entirely irresponsible story on the death of Shaima Alawadi (“Savage killing of Iraqi woman in California investigated as hate crime”), complete with reliance on quotes from the disreputable Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), insinuations on the non-existent “Islamophobia” in the U.S., and an utterly despicable attempt to link Alawadi’s death to the Trayvon Martin killing. In short, The Guardian’s story is complete disinformation.

The discovery of the disinformation produced about George Zimmerman may have caused the rest of the Democrat-Media complex to hold back somewhat on Alawadi’s death. They may be frightened that the truth about her death won’t fit their narrative, causing them to be disappointed yet again, and forcing them to continue searching for “Islamophobia” and a “Christian extremist” threat elsewhere. But rest assured, if authorities do determine that someone murdered Alawadi for the “right” reasons, leftists will exploit her death for all they can, using the “hate crime” to attack conservatives and intimidate us further.

People like Gadi Adelman have reported that there really isn’t any reliable information at this point on who killed Alawadi or why. The left’s giddy hope that someone murdered Alawadi out of “hate” is premature and Adelman notes that in his column. But he also notes another important point—a point made by Ryan Mauro in his column, “Fake Hate Crimes: An Islamist Weapon.”

And that is why I thought of Shaima Alawadi when I read the York Daily Record story. The YDR story is another example of Muslims using so-called hate crimes (or in this case, so-called workplace religious discrimination) as a weapon against us. Brevity prevents me from an in-depth analysis of the YDR story so go ahead and read it yourself. However, some important points from the story are as follows:

  • All the workplace religious discrimination claims in the specified timeframe in York County came from Muslims.
  • Muslims interviewed for the story provide “evidence” of workplace religious discrimination through statements such as, “. . . I believe a person’s eyes are very telling of what they are thinking,” said Ahmed, who was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to York 11 years ago. “I’ve never experienced anything that was over the top, but I’ve had things said to me.”
  • Other quotes allegedly showing the “trials” that Muslims experience in York County include the following (attached to one of the photographs in the story): “. . . As a muslim, Ramos says 5 ritual prayers a day. ‘You build your day around those five prayers,’ says Ramos. United Coolair has worked with Ramos and another practicing Muslim to accommodate their religious requirements.”
  • YDR seeks out, you guessed it, CAIR for input and comes away with sentences such as, “Workplace religious discrimination takes many forms, said Amara Chaudhry, civil rights director for the Philadelphia office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    “It can be overt discrimination from a boss against an employee or from another employee. It can take the form of rules disproportionately applied to a Muslim employee. But it can also be non-confrontational and almost unseen, Chaudhry explained.”

I wrote, “The Consequence Of Surrender: Our Own Ethics Are Being Used To Crush Us,” in August 2011 and, “The Center for American Progress Shows Why We Need to Investigate the Left,” in September 2011. Both columns deal with how our enemies use our own morality against us, and how the accusations of us being intolerant and violent are done so precisely because we are neither intolerant nor violent.

But perhaps Mark Steyn said it best a few days ago when he guest hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show. I apologize for any mischaracterization but my summary of what he said is that society has reached a point where whenever Muslims kill or otherwise commit violence, we are now conditioned to worry about what the “backlash” against them will be—the true victims of their violence don’t concern us. This is a huge problem and must stop. Muslims are not a victim in society: it is their victims who are the victims. And we shouldn’t be afraid to say this.

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