Friday, April 6, 2012

I Thought We Weren’t Supposed to Worry about the Social Issues?

Pundits from the left and Right repeatedly insist that we aren’t supposed to worry about the so-called social issues. They claim that they are a distraction and that they’re a losing issue for conservatives.

So why am I still hearing about how we have to do something about Joseph Kony? He isn’t a threat to the United States and likely isn’t much of a threat to anyone else anymore. So why the clamor? (Especially since the U.S. already is in Uganda, supposedly assisting it with capturing or killing Kony.) But why is the U.S. doing this in the first place? What responsibility is it of ours?

You may ask how Kony and our war against him relate to the so-called social issues. Simple. The Kony 2012 video (and now its sequel) are all about highlighting Kony and the atrocities he is alleged to have committed against children—including using them to fight wars. Thus, the outrage generated at Kony stems from the alleged abuse and killing of children. And as we all know, whenever conservatives bring up the U.S. atrocity of murdering millions of children through abortion, we are told to shut up and that we are primitives who want to restrict freedom. Therefore, I want to know why I am supposed to be outraged at the atrocities that Kony allegedly has done.

I’ve lived with the institutionalized slaughter of children in America all my life and I’m constantly told to drop any outrage I have at this. So if anyone thinks I’m going to become outraged at Kony because of his alleged atrocities against children, he is wrong. If anyone thinks I’m going to demand more waste of American blood and treasure to go after a guy who is not a threat to the U.S., who likely isn’t a threat to Ugandans any longer, and who already may be dead, again, he is wrong.

Furthermore, I demand to know why both the left and Right aren’t loudly condemning this hysteria about Kony—a hysteria about a “social issue”—when we have so many “real” and “important” things to address.

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