Friday, April 6, 2012

Harrisburg Bigots Say Blacks, Other Minorities Too Stupid to Get an ID

Conservatives advocate for voter ID because we want fair elections. We are against the election theft racket that is an integral part of the Democrat-Media complex, and that is threatening this nation. And because we are for law and order, the Democrat-Media complex and their leftist allies label us as “racists” and other nasty names. And it is this utter contempt for truth and any desire for understanding that informs my headline, my following column, and how I will address the left from now on in regards to this matter.

The Patriot-News published, “Harrisburg-area religious leaders say voter ID law will hinder poor, racial minorities.” The article states:

In a meeting Monday with The Patriot-News editorial board, a group of local religious leaders that included African-Americans and whites said the voter ID laws are part of a national agenda pursued by Republicans to suppress voting by racial minorities and the poor. 
“We firmly believe a lot of what is happening with the voter ID will set us back five decades or more,” said A.E. Sullivan Jr., president of the Interdenominational Ministers Conference of Greater Harrisburg.
I firmly believe in honest elections and not in bigots who think that doing the right thing is racist. I also believe that bigots who think that the poor, blacks, the old, and other so-called minorities are unable to get an ID should be publicly shamed and reprimanded for essentially saying that the poor, blacks, the old, and other so-called minorities are too stupid to be able to get an ID.

I personally know that the accusations of the Harrisburg bigots are untrue as I moved to Pennsylvania after I returned from Iraq in 2010. I had to go through the steps named in the story to get an ID and I honestly don’t consider myself to be superior to the next person. These so-called local leaders, aided by The Patriot-News and its sympathetic coverage of them, are bigots who are working to perpetuate the Democrat-Media complex’s election theft industry by slandering Republicans and conservatives. I have nothing but contempt for them.

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