Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feast Then Famine

The left has increased its rhetoric about people being denied health care if the Supreme Court overturns the unconstitutional life control law. But apart from this rhetoric being an outright lie (people won’t be denied health care, they just will have an ounce of freedom restored to them), it highlights an important point that conservatives need to remember and emphasize.

Communists and socialists promise a utopia if society gives in to them. And while they may seem to fulfill their promises in the immediacy (“See? Now everyone is covered by health care!”), in the long term they always fail.

A great example of this is how the socialist utopia of the United Kingdom is starving those children it has been able to ensnare into the socialist system. The Guardian story, “Pupils going hungry as school meals shrink, teachers warn” tries to blame the failure on outsourcing to private firms, but it cannot obscure the truth: when the state takes over so that all can be cared for, the long term effect is that all will suffer (with the exception of the bureaucrats who rule).

The same will be true when universal life control becomes ingrained in the U.S.: everyone will seemingly have “free” health care at first, but as time wears on it will become clear that all will be equally enslaved in a life control system that will deem who lives and who dies . . . all, of course, except for the bureaucrats who rule over us.

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