Friday, April 6, 2012

An Amusing Moment from the Bigots of Pennsylvania

The Patriot-News reported on bigots assembling in Carlisle, PA and Harrisburg, PA for “hoodie marches” that will exploit the death of Trayvon Martin and contribute to the racial hysteria sweeping the country by the now discredited civil rights movement.

I was going to write about this and compare it to all the other bigoted nonsense being perpetuated by the professional racists throughout the nation. But after I read this comment by “robo80” (April 03, 2012 at 6:32PM) in the Comments section of, “Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland organizes ‘Hoodie on the Hill’ event to call for justice in Trayvon Martin case,” I decided that I had to forgo that plan:

He looks like the love child of Donovan McNabb and Stanly from the Office (in that picture).
Look at Kirkland’s photo and see what “robo80” is saying. That humorous observation is a better than anything I could have written on this subject at the moment.

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