Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welfare = Slavery

Conservatives get nervous when someone on our side makes a comparison of something being like slavery. But there’s nothing wrong with doing so when the comparison is correct. Hence, the welfare state we’ve become is modern-day slavery.

But since we have so restricted ourselves with adherence to political correctness (despite our wailings and writings against PC) most of us can only acknowledge this truth when it is pointed out by the correct (i.e. non-white) people. So it’s refreshing when someone like Walter E. Williams makes note of this truth on repeated occasions.

But it’s even more refreshing when an enemy, during a moment of smugness, outright states the same and does so in such a clear manner.

Mark Steyn noted such a moment while filling in as host of The Rush Limbaugh Show on April 28, 2011. He pointed to a story in The Telegraph and cited the following quote:

As the group accused the Royal Family of being responsible for war crimes, onlookers shouted: “You’re all on benefits anyway” and “Long live the Queen”.

One of the Muslims retorted: “You paid for this camera, you pay for my benefits, you’re basically my slave.”

The Muslim is exactly right. Welfare and wealth redistribution are slavery. And none of us should hesitate to say so.

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