Sunday, March 25, 2012

Voter Fraud and What It Truly Means

Everyone knows that voter fraud means disenfranchisement. Not everyone admits this, but everyone knows it.

But voter fraud doesn’t just disenfranchise voters during individual elections. It has over time affected the core of our nation and become one of the great contributors to our current downward trajectory.

The forces that favor voter fraud don’t just want to win individual elections—they want to change the electorate. They accomplish this by breaking immigration laws and having America invaded, occupied, and taken over by a people who more eagerly accept their agenda and share their disdain for the foundational United States.

Hence, the forces that favor voter fraud openly give speeches to illegal aliens, work with them to further undermine and ignore U.S. law, and further disenfranchise law-abiding citizens. They openly bring up the so-called social issues (something that is taboo for conservatives to talk about even when responding to those who bring them up) and use the social issues in their quest to change the electorate and consequently the United States. And nothing of serious consequence ever happens to them for their brazen breaking of the law because they have created an infrastructure that ensures they are protected and that anyone who challenges them is crushed.

But the consequences of the successful efforts to break the law, steal elections, and change the electorate don’t end here. After all, each time voter-fraud advocates steal an election and “prove” that liberalism is what people want, they manipulate candidates into thinking that they must become more liberal to win. They manipulate political parties into thinking that conservatism cannot win and that they (the parties) must become more liberal to survive. And they even manipulate the individual, law-abiding citizen into thinking that his vote for a conservative, pro-law candidate is a vote that is being thrown away, or that his (the individual citizen) views are wrong, and that he needs to shed them in order to be like everyone else. In short, they shift everything left so that what was extreme liberalism yesterday is liberal today; what was liberal yesterday now is deemed conservative.

Yet perhaps the worst part of the continual theft of elections is it means that many representatives holding office today are people whom actual citizens didn’t legally grant consensus to hold office via a proper and legal vote. And these representatives rule over us and play a part in passing laws and regulations that tax us and burden us. This means that we now are a nation being ruled and taxed without just and legal representation.

And it’s being ruled and taxed without just and legal representation that perhaps is at the heart of what voter fraud truly means.

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