Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sandra Fluke vs. Gianna Jessen

** Adapted from a Column Previously Published at WND **

Conservatives have long noted the truism that whatever the Democrat-Media complex accuses us of being guilty, the opposite is true (and to a much worse degree). This is especially true in the Democrat-Media complex attack on Rush Limbaugh for his standing up to Sandra Fluke’s attempt to quash freedom. The Democrat-Media complex claims that Limbaugh is an example of conservatives’ “War on Women.” This accusation immediately informs us that the Democrat-Media complex actually is warring on women. And we can see a great example of the Democrat-Media complex War on Women by looking at the case of Gianna Jessen.

Jill Stanek followed the story of Gianna Jessen during the 2008 presidential campaign. Jessen is a woman whose mother aborted her at birth. (And the recent film, October Baby, is in part inspired by her story.) Jessen managed to survive the abortion but it left her with cerebral palsy. As one might imagine, the murder attempt had a profound impact on her life.

So Jessen participated in an advertisement during the 2008 campaign, explaining then Senator Obama’s position on human life. This ad garnered national attention, with the left becoming furious with her for having the audacity to defy their sacrament of abortion and then to speak out against it. Her insolence could not go unpunished and so they swore revenge on this private citizen . . . just like they swore revenge on private citizen Joe Wurzelbacher.

Stanek documented the subsequent leftist attack on Jessen; Stanek helped defend her as well. One of the ways the left tried to destroy Jessen was by claiming that her mother did not abort her. Leftists—as high up as Jake Tapper of ABC News—pursued this angle hard enough that they eventually pressured Jessen into providing her certification of live birth and birth medical record to the public to prove that she had not lied.

Think about that. The left pressured a private citizen into releasing birth documentation to prove that her mother aborted her. Jessen wasn’t running for office. She has no power over the lives of you and me. She wasn’t even applying for employment. She simply told a true personal story. And for that the left made her provide multiple forms of documentation to verify her birth story. To this day, no one has heaped significant criticism upon the media nor have leftists ever apologized for their birtherism or their attacks on Jessen in general. Even worse, the right never mercilessly ridiculed leftists for this behavior.

I’m not surprised that the Democrat-Media complex attacked Jessen (after all, it is morally bankrupt, hence why it continues attacking and ridiculing people who survive their institution of abortion). And I’m not surprised it attacked Limbaugh for standing up for freedom. But conservatives need continue noting these stories and documenting how rotten the Democrat-Media complex is even as work to defeat the same at the polls and in the culture. I have been pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful job conservatives have done so far in coming to the defense of Limbaugh and I only hope we continue doing so in the future . . .  even as some claiming to be on our side shriek for a “return to civility” and thus a return to defeat.

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