Monday, March 26, 2012

Fluke vs. Freedom: A Pattern of Leftist Intimidation and Subversion

So there’s this story of a woman who despises the Catholic Church and Christianity. Yet she decided to take part in a Catholic institution and after she did, she intentionally undermined it and demonized it because it wouldn’t adhere to her decidedly un-Catholic behavior. And then she demanded that authorities act on her wishes and they consented.

Sound familiar? It’s the Sandra Fluke story. Right? Well, yes. But it’s also the story of sodomite Barbara Johnson.

Both LifeSiteNews and The Huffington Post have reported on how Barbara Johnson attended her mother’s funeral at a Catholic Church. She subsequently created a media uproar because Fr. Marcel Guarnizo allegedly refused to give her communion (because of her sinful lifestyle) during the funeral Mass. This caused the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to censure Guarnizo and put him on administrative leave while they investigate the incident (even as the Catholic Church claims that it did not put Guarnizo on leave because of his encounter with Johnson).

LifeSiteNews reported that not only is Johnson a sodomite, she also is a Buddhist and, “. . . a ‘naturally born agitator’ committed to a ‘culture war.’” Furthermore, she apparently made it a point to tell Guarnizo that she was a sodomite prior to the funeral Mass. Imagine that. A sodomite, Buddhist, Alinsky-ite enraged because a priest at a Catholic Church wouldn’t cooperate with her in subverting and destroying the Catholic Church. So it’s no wonder she sought “revenge” for her being “wronged.” And the good news for her is that the hierarchy of Catholicism apparently is willing to participate with her in subverting and destroying the Catholic Church.

I have no vested interest in Catholicism. I’m not a Catholic and in fact have fundamental theological differences with it. Yet this attack on the Catholic Church reveals that Sandra Fluke’s attack on Catholicism and Christianity (and freedom in general), and the subsequent attack on Rush Limbaugh isn’t an isolated incident, but instead part of a larger pattern that has a goal of destroying Catholicism, Christianity, and freedom. This is something that John Nolte has already noted at Big Hollywood. And it’s something that should be increasingly clear to the general public as stories like the following become more prevalent:

·         “A Dangerous Verdict in New Jersey” (FrontPage Magazine, March 19, 2012)

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