Friday, March 30, 2012

Political Speech and U.S. Troops

U.S. Troops have been getting in trouble for political speech during the past few months. First, there was the Soldier who appeared on stage in uniform at a Ron Paul rally. Then, a Marine got in trouble for his opinions.

It’s interesting how things change in just a few years. You see, a few years back U.S. Muslim soldier Nasser Abdo appeared on Al-Jazeera TV (in full uniform) to denounce the U.S. Abdo never got in trouble for doing this; he only got in trouble after the government allegedly found him in possession of child porn and later still after he allegedly planned to massacre U.S. Troops a la Nidal Hasan.

On or about the same time, U.S. Muslim soldier Zachari Klawonn went on Al-Jazeera TV (in full uniform) to denounce the U.S.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welfare = Slavery

Conservatives get nervous when someone on our side makes a comparison of something being like slavery. But there’s nothing wrong with doing so when the comparison is correct. Hence, the welfare state we’ve become is modern-day slavery.

But since we have so restricted ourselves with adherence to political correctness (despite our wailings and writings against PC) most of us can only acknowledge this truth when it is pointed out by the correct (i.e. non-white) people. So it’s refreshing when someone like Walter E. Williams makes note of this truth on repeated occasions.

But it’s even more refreshing when an enemy, during a moment of smugness, outright states the same and does so in such a clear manner.

Mark Steyn noted such a moment while filling in as host of The Rush Limbaugh Show on April 28, 2011. He pointed to a story in The Telegraph and cited the following quote:

As the group accused the Royal Family of being responsible for war crimes, onlookers shouted: “You’re all on benefits anyway” and “Long live the Queen”.

One of the Muslims retorted: “You paid for this camera, you pay for my benefits, you’re basically my slave.”

The Muslim is exactly right. Welfare and wealth redistribution are slavery. And none of us should hesitate to say so.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sandra Fluke vs. Gianna Jessen

** Adapted from a Column Previously Published at WND **

Conservatives have long noted the truism that whatever the Democrat-Media complex accuses us of being guilty, the opposite is true (and to a much worse degree). This is especially true in the Democrat-Media complex attack on Rush Limbaugh for his standing up to Sandra Fluke’s attempt to quash freedom. The Democrat-Media complex claims that Limbaugh is an example of conservatives’ “War on Women.” This accusation immediately informs us that the Democrat-Media complex actually is warring on women. And we can see a great example of the Democrat-Media complex War on Women by looking at the case of Gianna Jessen.

Jill Stanek followed the story of Gianna Jessen during the 2008 presidential campaign. Jessen is a woman whose mother aborted her at birth. (And the recent film, October Baby, is in part inspired by her story.) Jessen managed to survive the abortion but it left her with cerebral palsy. As one might imagine, the murder attempt had a profound impact on her life.

So Jessen participated in an advertisement during the 2008 campaign, explaining then Senator Obama’s position on human life. This ad garnered national attention, with the left becoming furious with her for having the audacity to defy their sacrament of abortion and then to speak out against it. Her insolence could not go unpunished and so they swore revenge on this private citizen . . . just like they swore revenge on private citizen Joe Wurzelbacher.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fluke vs. Freedom: A Pattern of Leftist Intimidation and Subversion

So there’s this story of a woman who despises the Catholic Church and Christianity. Yet she decided to take part in a Catholic institution and after she did, she intentionally undermined it and demonized it because it wouldn’t adhere to her decidedly un-Catholic behavior. And then she demanded that authorities act on her wishes and they consented.

Sound familiar? It’s the Sandra Fluke story. Right? Well, yes. But it’s also the story of sodomite Barbara Johnson.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Voter Fraud and What It Truly Means

Everyone knows that voter fraud means disenfranchisement. Not everyone admits this, but everyone knows it.

But voter fraud doesn’t just disenfranchise voters during individual elections. It has over time affected the core of our nation and become one of the great contributors to our current downward trajectory.

The forces that favor voter fraud don’t just want to win individual elections—they want to change the electorate. They accomplish this by breaking immigration laws and having America invaded, occupied, and taken over by a people who more eagerly accept their agenda and share their disdain for the foundational United States.

Disarmed Marines: Leaders Distrust Afghan, Not U.S. Troops

** Originally Published at Big Peace on March 16, 2012 **

Media outlets have reported that military leaders ordered Troops in Afghanistan to disarm prior to attending a speech by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Some have analyzed this as meaning that the Department of Defense doesn’t trust its own Troops. I disagree.

The real reason for the order to disarm U.S. Troops in a war zone likely comes from what Fox News and other sources have reported:
The official said the decision was made out of respect for troops from other countries, such as the Afghans, who are never allowed to bring guns into an event. It was not a request from Panetta or his security team, the official said.

If all this is true then it is very revealing for multiple reasons, some of which others have already noted.

However, I haven’t seen anyone note this reason: It now appears that while our top leaders continue publicly stating that the Afghanis are our trusted allies, privately they do not believe the same.

In other words, we continue partnering our Troops with fully armed Afghanis and are willing to risk their lives as part of achieving our mission. At the same time, we apparently do not allow armed Afghanis to be in the presence of important U.S. personnel.

I have no comment on this and am merely noting what message this story apparently sends if it is true. However, Big Peace readers are welcome to comment if they would like to do so.