Monday, January 16, 2012

Urinating on Your Enemy versus Negotiating with Him

The media and government officials will continue crying over and denouncing the Marines who videotaped themselves urinating on the enemies they defeated. I just noted other incidents which are not considered urinating on corpses or graves—instances that the media, government officials, and the American People treat as acceptable. I also noted that these Marines, and all other Servicemen who have been prosecuted and imprisoned for killing or attacking the enemy, should be immediately pardoned.

Yet there is another angle at which to view this story; yet another reason to ask why the American People have not become outraged at the anger generated at the Marines.

Both the Associated Press and the Long War Journal have reported that the Taliban have vowed to continue jihad (read: war) even as it negotiates with the U.S. for so-called peace.

I find this amazing. I realize that information reported in the news is subject to verification. Even still, supposing the basic premise is true I am stunned that ten-plus years after September 11 there would come a day when the U.S. would not seek the destruction of the Taliban and victory in Afghanistan, but instead would seek to negotiate with the Taliban for how it is going to leave Afghanistan. You can interpret this how you wish. In fact, some people already have.

I would think that this story of the Taliban vowing not to end jihad and violence even after conducting so-called peace talks with the U.S. would have the nation outraged; not Marines urinating on the enemy that has been killing and maiming Servicemen for the past ten years. Then again, I have long since lost touch with what will outrage people and what won’t.

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