Friday, December 16, 2011

Bill Ayers and Occupy Harrisburg: Debate Is Done

Bill Ayers speaking to a crowd at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, PA on December 14, 2011. Occupy Harrisburg invited Ayers to speak.  Photograph © Paul Hair, 2011.

This is the second time I have covered Occupy Harrisburg.

Bill Ayers spoke at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, PA on December 14 at the invitation of the militant Occupy Harrisburg. I estimated between 100 and 200 people attended the event.

Eric Papenfuse owns the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Papenfuse, a former public school teacher, previously invited Ayers to speak in south-central Pennsylvania in 2010. He wrote an OP-ED explaining why he did so and The Patriot-News published it, revealing his radical, anti-capitalist views.

I summarize the night in a list of bullet points in the following section but I don’t go into extremely thorough commentary because there is a bigger point here than Bill Ayers and Occupy Harrisburg.

One final note: I break this document into two parts: the first part contains the summarization of the event. The second part is where I discuss the bigger point than Bill Ayers and the anti-free-market Occupy Harrisburg. Those who wish for a shorter read may only wish to read the first part.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Military and Bestiality

Stars and Stripes, which has been an absolute cheerleader for the repeal of morality from the Armed Forces, ran a piece called, “Sex with animals still not okay in U.S. military,” in which it joins in the derision of those who have called attention to the fact that the Senate has voted to repeal the prohibition against bestiality in the Armed Forces.

I have one question for Stars and Stripes and everyone else doing the mocking: If the repeal of the prohibition against bestiality within the Armed Forces doesn’t in fact legalize bestiality, then why did our legislature originally put the prohibition in place?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Court Decision on Military Uniforms in Porn Picks Away at Order and Discipline

** Originally Published at Big Peace on December 07, 2011 **

A few weeks ago I wrote about McClatchy’s “Suits & Sentences” publishing a post called “Court case a reminder to Marines not to wear full uniforms during porn shoot.” I mentioned how the story made it seem like the court opinion in United States of America v. Matthew W. Simmons said it was okay for currently serving Servicemembers (a Marine in this particular case) to wear parts of their uniforms while performing in pornography productions and being paid to do so.

I looked into this further by contacting two Navy public affairs officers. Both officers were courteous and promptly answered my questions. They acknowledged that they were not legal specialists and offered to provide me with further assistance if I wanted a more in depth explanation of the opinion. I declined. Any errors I make in my analysis of it (or use of terminology) are my own.

I read the court opinion and confirmed with the Navy public affairs officials that it didn’t completely vacate the original ruling. Nor does it say that it is okay to wear a partial uniform while producing pornography.

However, although the opinion doesn’t state that it is okay to wear a partial uniform while producing pornography, it does seem to be another incremental strike at the Armed Forces and their ability to use the uniform to keep order and discipline within their ranks.

Federal Government Pepper Sprays (Non) Occupiers!

** Originally Published at Big Government on December 06, 2011 **

The news of UC Davis police pepper spraying innocent #OccupyUCDavis revolutionaries shocked and outraged the nation. One can only imagine how outraged the nation will be once it learns of a shockingly underreported story that the Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System published last week. “Marines face OC spray” details the following:
One at a time, instructors lined up the augmentees, stood three paces away and sprayed real OC in their faces. The spray ran down their foreheads and into their eyes, causing them to immediately close. The Marines exhibited uncontrollable tearing, coughing, choking plus an extreme burning sensation on any exposed skin from the OC spray.
Outraged yet? If not, you will be soon! And if you are, well you may just want to stop reading now lest the next sentences drive you into uncontrollable hysteria.
After being sprayed, the augmentees had to navigate through an obstacle course of Marines holding pads, representing potential attackers. The SAF Marines fought through the course blindly throwing punches, knee strikes and baton strikes.
So, it wasn’t enough torture just to spray American citizens in the face with pepper spray, the federal government then forced them to run through an obstacle course even as they were incapacitated! Clearly, the legacy of George W. Bush lives on.

Some people might argue that since the Marines signed up to be Marines they volunteered to be pepper sprayed. But that’s nonsense! After all, other people might argue that the #OccupyUCDavis revolutionaries volunteered to be pepper sprayed when they antagonized the police and even provoked them. And we all know that that’s just not true!

Please help me in spreading the word about the federal government pepper spraying American citizens. Make this story go viral so we can further enrage the sensibilities of the 99% of this nation that are fighting to overthrow the last remnants of a free society and replace it with the wonderful tyranny of communism!